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Going to Twitter is like moving to the big city and starting a new high school. Will the kids like me? Do I have enough friends? Did I choose the right group? If you are a small town girl with big town aspirations it can be overwhelming.  Everyone knows so much more than I do. How will I ever get noticed?

I recently had a conversation with a high school girlfriend  I’m traveling to Eastern Europe with this summer. She started our high school in her senior year. Sipping wine on her spacious deck overlooking Laguna Hills we reminisced about our connection. She said:


You all had known each other since kindergarten;I honestly don’t remember why we became friends.

I remember.

In my eyes, she was exotic. She came from Chicago. Because we had no friends in common small town gossip didn’t interest her; instead, we talked about books and theater and travel.

In my senior year I was itching to move out into a bigger world of ideas and experience. That was going to involve more schooling for me, but not for her. She had plans to get secretarial training, work and travel the world.

At university I treasured the letters I got from my friend. She was already out in the big world having adventures.  This summer I will be the beneficiary of all her experience when we travel together.

Twitter is a big world of people who have ideas and experiences to share.  Like walking through the campus quad, I learn a lot listening to  the buzz but it is a challenge to be heard.

I cherish those few people I haven’t met face to face who make space in their circle and tweet encouragement. I hope I can be equally as encouraging to newcomers. But more than this, I value the conversations that take place over a span of decades and face time with old friends.

When was the last time you traveled with a friend?


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  • I haven’t traveled with a friend since before i had my daughter. That’s been almost 7 yrs. I miss that life sometimes–okay, a lot of times, but I love my family. Maybe I’ll schedule something for the fun of it. Wouldn’t that be nice?

    May 19, 2012

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